Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey with natural banana flavor

Official Flavored Whiskey Partner of UFC
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Howler Head is THE Original.

It’s made with the good stuff – real Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey aged for two years in American oak barrels toasted with an aggressive #4 alligator char. It is then blended with natural banana flavor for a smooth, kick of bananarama goodness. At a full 80 proof, one taste and you will know we aren’t monkeying around. Official Flavored Whiskey Partner of the UFC.
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Howler Head Bourbon Whiskey and Coke
Featured Cocktail

Howler Head & Cola


  • 2oz Howler Head
  • 4oz Cola

Add Howler Head to lowball glass with ice. Top with cola.

Howler Head Bourbon Whiskey Manhattan
Featured Shot

The King


  • 1.5oz Howler Head
  • 1/2oz Skrewball

Pour Howler Head and Skrewball into a shot glass.

Howler Head Bourbon Whiskey Beer Bomb
Featured Cocktail

Howler Head Beer Bomb


  • 2oz Howler Head
  • 6oz Beer

Simply drop the shot of Howler Head in your beer or have it chilled on the side. Recommendation: Howler Head works well with Pilsner or Lager style beer as opposed to darker IPA, Stout or Porter.

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